13 dec 2019

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Octopus Demens AB
Small-sized company specialised in education and information services within the area of dementia care in Sweden and also technical aids for people with Dementia. The company has also contact with persons in the dementia field in many other countries.

Octopus Demens AB
Box 1814
751 48 Uppsala
mobile +46(0)709 70 22 60

Evaluation of a study visit in June 2010

Dear Kerstin,

back to Germany and looking back to my visit in Uppsala I want to thank you very much again for all your troubles and your kind welcome! I must say that those three days I spend with you have been the most interesting and rewarding of my whole study trip to Scandinavia. With your great experience in all matters of dementia care not only in Sweden but also in many other countries and with your huge network you composed a very interesting, informative and dense program, which gave me a good overall view of Swedish dementia care, of the political background and many practical aspects. With your good knowledge of dementia care in other European countries you knew which aspects are new to foreigners and where to focus special dimensions. Thanks to your program I have achieved a wide knowledge of your home care and dementia nursing system, of your group and nursing homes, of technical assisted living, of real person centred care, of convincing milieu concepts, of animal assisted care, of new approaches to teenage kids of dementia parents. Especially your innovative Rotary project with the latter is something worth while spreading in Germany.

As important as this excellent program was your friendly and charming guidance, the time you took to accompany me, to prepare me and reflect with me, your background informations and last but not least our rests at very special places, which allowed me to see some other aspects of Sweden I could not have seen without you.

So my view of dementia care was enriched by many aspects and it will change my lectures to my social work students at my university, my counselling of dementia care projects in Germany and my discussions with collegues.

Kind regards and all the best for you and your work!

Prof. Dr. Eckart Hammer
Director of Institute of Advanced Studies
Evangelische Hochschule Ludwigsburg - University of Applied Sciences